February 05, 2013

Surviving Sepsis Campaign 2012: New Guidelines and a Fun Algorithm!

I'm out of practice when it comes to routine ICU care.

 But I am a fan of making sure that people don't die on my watch when they are septic.

So when I heard that the new Guidelines were published... I wanted to be first in line to read them!

  2012 Sepsis Guidelines Published
A revised and updated edition of "Surviving Sepsis Campaign: International Guidelines for Management of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2012​" were officially released at the Society of Critical Care Medicine's 42nd Congress in San Juan on January 20. Thirty international professional organizations supported the content of the new guidelines.

 I took the opportunity tonight to put together a Prezi presentation on the subject, much to the delight of our med students and Haitian resident. I'm not sure how applicable it was to the case at hand, in retrospect, but it is useful information nonetheless (since fluids and antibiotics are abound even here in Haiti!)



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