July 27, 2006

Personal Mission Statement

The following is a mission statement that I composed as a guiding force behind my actions as I enter medical school. The template was provided by My Medical School's administration as a part of our orientation, but the values and the last two categories are my own.

We only had about 5 minutes to construct our mission statements, so the last one didn't go as well as I would have liked.

My personal mission is to be true to my commitment to myself and other as I fulfill the many valued and cherished roles that comprise who I am and who I want to be.

As a physician to be, I will strive to be compassionate, easygoing, and wise.

I realize that I am still learning how to be a physician, and as a lifelong student of the art and science of medicine I will demonstrate enthusiasm, curiosity and tenacity.

My family is very important to me. As a part of my family, I will always work towards being loving, attentive, and accepting.

My friends are special to me. I hope that I in turn can be an amusing, entertaining and engaging friend to them.

I am a proud member of My Medical School's Class of 2010. I hope to always prove to be a classmate that is diligent, dedicated, and sharing.

As a mentor, I will do my best to be inspiring, down-to-earth, and a good storyteller.

And for you, readers of my blog, I will always try to be perceptive, systematic and creative! :)

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