August 17, 2007

What makes a good doctor?

When you find the answers to this question, you will have found yourself.

One of the most touching parting gifts from my ex-girlfriend before she left for Japan and I went to medical school was a simple project: she gave me a red ribbon and a bunch of colored construction paper squares with slits cut into them so they could be threaded on. The quote above was written on the front with the query "What makes a good doctor?" and the assignment was one that I took to heart.

Now, when I came across something difficult in my journey, something that I found worthwhile enough to blog about, I also try to summarize it on a colored square to hang on the red ribbon. This art project is a constant reminder to me of the important lessons I have learned. This entry will be my electronic file of my ponderings as I journey to find myself.

  1. Being Proactive: I drew blood during my first week of medical school! The act of being proactive is not about being aggressive or stubborn, it is about being open and willing.
  2. "Yes-And": Stephen Colbert's commencement address on improvisation, silliness and refusal to become a cynic
  3. Competence: Strive to be your best, but don't fret about your inadequacies!
  4. Motivation: a nephrologist preceptor told me "95% of being a good doc is how badly you want to be good."
  5. Sacrifice: Make the most of your spent time and energy - make it meaningful
  6. Ask an unscripted question
  7. Resist complaining, stay positive
  8. Count something
  9. Write something
  10. Change

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  1. Be consistent.
    Be organized.
    Make checklists and use them!