June 23, 2006

Tips from Japan: Finger Band-Aid solutions

Do you ever have problems keeping a band-aid on your finger? Did you just run out of those fancy knuckle and fingertip band-aids that Johnson and Johnson charges extra bucks for (and you only use them for unique injuries!)

Over My Med Body! found a YouTube clip from the Japanese show Urawaza that you might find very interesting.

The solution is very elegant: take a regular band-aid and cut the adhesive strip in half (towards the gauze pad). Then you can fold the four strips in a way you desire that is more secure on a knuckle or fingertip!

Thanks for tuning in!


  1. how come they had to make a video instead of saying it in four lines like you did?

  2. I don't understand Japanese very well, so it is possible that they did say it in just a few words (along with a few star graphics, dancing cartoons, some silly music and girls going "Yataaa!")

  3. reminds me of the beginning of battle royale when the perky japanese girl was telling the students how they would all die.

  4. Thank you for posting this and for saying it since the video no longer exists.