November 06, 2006

2031 and 2048 predictions

Food labels will have been revised to reveal at a glance the overall nutritional
quality of any packaged food. Public school cafeterias will offer healthful
foods in two categories: mixed diets and vegetarian. Organic farming will
represent more than half of all agricultural productivity in the United States,
and 40 percent to 50 percent of the population will be vegetarian.
Some realms of nutrition will have changed much more dramatically.
A friend of mine responded to this estimation with surprise. 50% vegetarians? Well, at the current rate of seafood decline, we'll be out of fish to eat by 2048! (see later link) With mad cow disease and avian bird flu and other nasties, we'll have to rely on Quorn for meaty sustenance.

Nutrigenomic analysis will be part of a standard medical checkup, culminating in
a detailed printout offering tailored recommendations. With this power in their
hands, doctors will be reimbursed for offering dietary counseling, and will be
able to dispense worthwhile advice.
I like the sound of this. We are already modifying diets for the obese, diabetics and patients with coronary artery disease... wouldn't it be better to catch them before they get worse like we do with phenylketonurics? Look at a diet soda to see the dietary warnings for PKU people.

In the year 2031, parents will still tell their children to eat their broccoli
because it's good for them — that convention won't go away anytime soon.

Of course. How cute.

Wilson said if the situation continues as it is, all fish and seafood
creations could be extinct by 2048.

The paper is called "Impact of Biodiversity Loss on Ocean Ecosystem
Services" and features the work of ecologists and economists who studied the
role marine biodiversity plays in maintaining ecosystem services.

I will mourn my loss of shrimp, the most delicious crustaceans to roam the open seas. I suppose I will have to stock up for the next 42 years! ;)

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