March 05, 2007

X-Ray of a Kiss

Geekologie, a website that I love to visit to see funky new gidgets, gazmos and kickawesome stuff, put up this picture of an X-Ray of a Kiss.

They must have coated their faces with contrast and then touched it up with Photoshop or something like that, because there's no way that a regular X-ray has that kind of resolution.

It's very pretty though... and maybe that's how Superman sees the world. Man, I wish I had X-ray eyes. Not only would I be able to see through female articles of clothing (abusing my powers for evil), but I would also be able to quickly diagnose pneumonia, osteoporosis, and ID broken bones (Yay for Good uses!)


  1. I like this image a lot. It is very neat the way you can see their lips. I think it is possible that it could be an unaltered x-ray. Yesterday we were able to see some tubing that we put in a dogs abdomen for draining clear as day on the x-ray, and I don't think it's designed for that. But I can also see what you mean, especially with the light areas on the sillouet of their lips.

  2. first time here.. i enjoy ur blog very much!!! thanks for the post!