December 22, 2007

Goo-ey game

This game sort of reminds me of an amoeba battle. It makes sense, since that's the name of one of the skins the goo can wear.

If I had any programming skills, I'd make a game that mirrors the microscopic environment. It'd be cool to play a game based on immunology for example... it has all the classic elements! You've got your alien invaders (bacteria) that you have to detect (via antibodies and the complement cascade), and destroy (via lytic enzymes and free radicals released by neutrophils and macrophages.)

Besides, the more elements of immunology you add in, the more realistic and educational the system would be.

I'm not sure what the controls would be though. It's a completely autonomous system within our bodies (despite whatever Airborne or other immune-boosting products claim)... aside from the simple factors of nutrition, rest and stress. Perhaps the whole point could be to construct a reliable immune system that can fight off a variety of immunologic stimuli without getting any autoimmune diseases. Ooh! There'd be special levels for TB and HIV for sure. Maybe a few penalties if you accidentally induce lupud following an EBV infection.

Yeah, I'm a total dork. Gamers are dorks too... maybe it'd give a pre-med an excuse to kick it and play Immunology! for a few hours every day to unwind.

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