April 01, 2008

Is "O" the new "E"?

Have you heard of ecstacy? Also called MDMA, it is a recreational drug that was used by psychotherapists until it was US drug laws made it an illegal substance. "E" moved from yuppie bars to the dance rave scene and has since become one of the most widely abused drugs in the US. A lesser-known drug is being used in these raves too. Octium, "Oo" or simply "O" as it is called on the streets, is a chemical that was originally discovered by a Swedish pharmacist Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1771. Since then, government scientists have been working on the uncovering the secrets of this deadly chemical. I have done some research and quite frankly the results they have downplayed to the public are absolutely shocking.

Unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA,) not classified as pathogenic by the Center for Disease Control (CDC.) Why not, I ask? Judge for yourself.

Extremely reactive. It can exist in a highly unstable form known as a "free radical" which indiscriminately disrupts chemical structures in your body.
Carcinogenic: causal links with emphysema and lung cancer!
Byproduct of many harmful pharmacologic and physiologic reactions!
Compounds with high octitative potentials can cause severe chemical burns.
There is a high correlation between unattended children with access to Octium in house fires.

Neurological effects
In excess of moderation, Octium can cause dizziness, weakness, confusion, and agitation.
In the anarchist movie Fight Club, this chemical was touted as a substance that "will get you high"

Systemic effects
Agitation, hyperpnea and tachypnea, chest pain, dyspnea, wheezing, dizziness, palpitations, tetanic cramps (carpopedal spasm), paresthesias, generalized weakness, and syncope

Long-term effects
deadly to many microorganisms, thought to be a leading cause in a massive "genocide" that changed our planet millions of years ago... and now an organic form of this chemical is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect, causing global warming!

Abuse as a drug
Extremely addictive, with painful withdrawal periods that cause eventual death for ALL addicts who try to quit.
produced in large amounts by ALL plant life (unlike other hallucinogenic compounds like those found in mushrooms, tobacco or Sativa cannabis.
Binging on octium is commonly called "diving". Octium abuse can lead to visual disturbances, ringing in the ears, dizziness, and severe mood swings. When Octium attacks the central nervous system, convulsions and finally coma are the result (otherwise known as CNS toxicity.)

Supply and administration
Inhalation is the common method and unbeknownst to many users, intravenous injections of Octium are highly dangerous and even deadly.
Some bars supply their customers with custom Octium, attempting to lure them in with trendy flavors. They are monitored by the FDA, but no major health risk crises have happened to spur them into action... yet.

Should you let your friends and family know about these dangers? Just think about this -- even though teenagers attending concerts and raves might be overusing Octium, they might also be using a drug linked to octium -- DHMO, aka dihydrogen monoxide.

Before you get too concerned, just take a deep breath. Whew... now that wasn't so bad, was it? Meditate on your breathing and enjoy the benefits of octium.
Similar to DHMO, octium's benefits outweigh its risks, bar none.

Happy April First :)

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