August 04, 2008

PDA Resources

This is a list that one of my professors sent us. I've trimmed it down a bit to the things that I recognize and use (or will use, based on her recommendations.) I'm guessing it's very similar to my other list that I've posted previously.

Medical Applications - Johns Hopkins antibiotic guide. It used to be free, but now it costs money. - List of 1,500 common and obscure medical eponyms (e.g., Rovsing's sign, Virchow's node) with descriptions. Free! Excellent program. - iSilo document reader...many free medically related documents that you can use via iSilo. Partial reader is free. Full version costs $19.99 (Most platforms supported). I bought this and I use it from time to time... I don't really like the interface, but it is a nice reader for all of the files. - A number of different clinical reference programs. Most are FREE but some have a small fee. You need iSilo for most of these programs. The site also includes depot of many medical iSilo applications. (Pocket PC, Palm OS)
- Procedure series: steps for different surgical procedures (FREE)
- Quick tools: small, focused references summarizing a current practice guideline, journal article, or point-of-care tool. (e.g. antibiotic prophylaxis, topical steroids) (FREE if you are on mailing list)
- STD tools: Treatment guidelines. (Free trial version, $5.95 for full version)
- Dermmeister which includes more than 500 digital photos of 66 common skin disorders (FREE)
- Understanding and interpreting Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring – (FREE)
- Breastfeed – breastfeeding reference (FREE)
- Splinting Manual – (FREE)
- Papmeister – Includes screening recommendations, HPV testing, mgmt of abnormal smears, dx/tx of cervical cancer (FREE)
- Lytemeister - good program for analyzing electrolyte abnormalities. Goes through causes, diagnostic work-up, treatments, etc. (FREE)
- Asthmameister – Complete guide to the diagnosis and management of asthma (FREE)
- Lipids by – Guide to the management of Hypercholesterolemia (FREE) - APPRISOR software and Guidelines by AAFP, AAO, AASLD, ACCP, ACP, AHA, ASE, AUA, ACU, CCGC – MedCalc, a free medical formula calculator. (Palm, Pocket PC) - Multiple different tools for professionals (Free) - Diagnosaurus...a FREE ddx tool with 1000+ diagnoses (Palm, Pocket PC) Fun to use in the first and second year, but it's not as helpful in the third year (unless you're working on a presentation re: ddx considerations.) - MedMath, another FREE medical formula calculator (Palm OS only) It came highly recommended by Dr. O so I downloaded it. - Kidometer gives a wide-range of pediatric tools.(Palm OS devices only). Free trial then pay to use. ($17.95) A highly recommended resource. I'll probably download this during my peds block and use up my free trial then. :) - Centre For Evidence-Based Medicine, FREE EBM tools: NNT, likelihood ratios, etc. (Palm OS) - OB/GYN Stat tracker (collect delivery and surgery information) and Preg Calc Pro. (calculate due dates). Register for FREE use. – Download Medrules, clinical prediction rules. FREE (Palm OS only) - Shots 2008, ACIP immunization schedule from STFM with lots of vaccine information – FREE (Pocket PC, Palm) NO BRAINER. Get this and update it every year! :) – Tarascon pharmacopoeia for PDAs. Purchase for $39.95/yr. - FREE downloadable clinical references from the ACP. You will need some type of reading program (Palmreader, Tealdoc, etc.) to access them. - Clinical guidelines- Medical Care of the Pregnant Patient- Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure- Domestic Violence Intervention Tool- Commonly used ICD-9 codes- Gynecology Alerts- Calorie Savings Food List- Normal Lab Values from MKSAP12- Vaccine Specific Information- JNC VI Hypertension Management- USPSTF guidelines- Many more… - AHRQ PDA downloads – Interactive Preventive Services Selector and Pneumonia Severity Index Module. Free downloads. - Pubmed site where you can add it to your avantgo channel list to do medical literature inquiries at the point of care. (FREE)

Medical Websites - JABSOM Health Science Library PDA resource page – Hawaii Medical Library PDA Resource site - Will link you to sites that have downloadable PDA guidelines. - reviews, software downloads, hardware/accessories sales, AvantGo medical abstracts - general information, reviews and merchandise - reviews and discussions of medical mobile informatics topics - Ectopic Brain – Excellent resource for clinically oriented PDA programs and also includes an extensive list of links to other helpful sites for PDA applications and programs. Too bad this website shut down last year... :( – Pediatric oriented PDA program links - Pediatrics on-hand. Suggestions for pediatric PDA programs

Websites with freeware and shareware for download – some are predominantly medical, others are general - extensive medical software links with user reviews - Extensive database of downloadable FREEWARE for your PDA. It has a medical category with some useful apps. a range of medical software - Many medical PDA programs available. Freeware/Shareware/Commercial. Can get another free patient tracker through this site “My Patients”

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