February 03, 2009

Fast Food Economics

Maybe you've heard the commercials for 3conomics by a certain fast food company.

Here's a personal story of another fast food chain and how they run things.

I order a Jumbo Burger and a soda (needed food on the run before evening Urgent Care clinic since I didn't make any sandwiches for the day.) She tells me "Would you like to get our Jumbo deal? You'll get fries and two tacos with it and it will be cheaper." (emphasis mine!)

BWA? I hesitated because I'll be honest, I was tempted. Ooh, more food for less money? I turned it down knowing that my stomach could not hold more than a burger. Besides, America is fat enough as it is. I needed to take a stand.

"Just trying to save you money," she told me.
"Well, I think it's ethically irresponsible for your restaurant to offer more food for less money. I'll eat what I can eat." I replied.
She cocked her head to the side, obviously surprised to be under attack by proxy, but conceded. "Yeah, sorry," she said as I drove off.

By the way, the burger was delicious. I went home that evening and had a salad with carrots to make amends. :)


  1. I throw the tacos in my bag and hope they are good later.

  2. I wrote this, then I read the post after it (well, the post that you had written just prior) regarding the Health Fair. I can see how the fast food restaurant would be frustrating after that. Portion sizes are very large, in fact Jacob and I have also taken to splitting dishes pretty often. I like the argument for local food. I read "Animal Vegetable Miracle" by Barbra Kingsolver, and since then try to make an effort to buy things that are made closer to the community that I live in. I would rather buy something local, than something organic from Canada. I've also sort of taken to making sure that more of my money is going to areas that way, but that's a whole other issue. Being enthusiastic about the food that you put in your body is always a good thing.

  3. You bring up a great point, michelle. Fresh food is good food! It certainly trumps organic food shipped thousands of miles away. Its nice living in a place with actual FARMS. I'm shocked at some of the prices for fruits and veggies!