April 20, 2009

Vaccine Schedule Mnemonic

What is a good way to remember the vaccine schedule for children? This can be a pesky task, but I've come up with a pretty succinct way to help you remember!

Don't Be DR. HIP, who flu in an MVA , the DIMVit! and Hit My Teen
@ birth: Be

@ months 2,4,6: (DR HHIP)
DTaP, Rota, Hib, HepA, IPV, PCV

@ 12 mo-> flu

@ 12mo (MVA)
MMR, VZV, Hep A (w/ booster at least 6 mo later)

@ 4-6 y/o (DIMVit "dimwit")
DTap, IPV, MMR, VZV boosters

Hit My Teen (for teens)
HPV, MCV, Tdap

For adults, just remember a flu vaccine every year, update Td every 10 years (or 5 w/ dirty wounds), PPV @ 65 (or younger with risk factors... PPV, not PCV), and Zostavax (Herpes Zoster vaccine) @ 60 also.


  1. As an update to my prior post, now gardasil (HPV vaccine) is recommended for adolescents 9-27 y/o


  2. Nice job! Any updates to your nmeumonic with the new 2015 guidelines?