October 19, 2009

diamond in the rough: HI 5!

"Health Initiative 5!"

I want to give my patients high-fives when they doing something to benefit their health. In this day and age, a lot of costs of healthcare are occult -- they are hidden behind the corporate/government behemoth that are the main payors of our current system.

Even doctors and nurses scratch their heads when the question is raised -- "how much will this X-ray cost?" Medications are usually more straightforward -- you find out when you go to the pharmacist that you lack drug coverage from your student insurance and the Augmentin antibiotics (that you're not even sure if you really need) will cost you $90 while the Keflex alternative would be around $20. (True story for me!)

People see so much money dumped into the system. They feel that some services are "free" when in fact, they are just patches hiding the real costs. Take Former President George W. Bush's assertion that "we have access to healthcare -- just go to the Emergency Room." To prevent the free=more wastefulnees, we need to feel like we get something back every once and a while.

One of the things I have thought a lot about is the question "How can I get my patients to feel invested in their health? How can I get them to take initiative?"

A recent lecture I attended about IBM's health plan includes "Healthy Living Rebate Programs." People get paid $150 to eat right and exercise. YESSS!!! That's exciting.

One of my plans that has come out of this consideration is the "Health Initiatives 5."
1) this is a physical hi-5.
-- Contacting palms in mid air is a show for positive reinforcement and enacting good changes.
2) this is a financial hi-5.
-- I will give my patients MONEY (as in five dollars off their co-pay) for performing certain small tasks that I outline in their health binder (another diamond in the rough to come)
-- this includes things like filling out an online form about family history. going through an extensive medication reconciliation form and review of systems at the visit. successfully quitting smoking or meeting "TLC: therapeutic lifestyle changes" goals and thus, not requiring medications for high cholesterol or high blood pressure.
--this checklist will be a series of small personal challenges for my patients; a way of defining their management plan and turning it into something tangible.

Lower co-pays with increased patient compliance and excitement to save money by working hard with me on a lot of challenging issues = happier patients, more appointments and better health.

I'll Hi 5 to that!

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