January 12, 2010

Writings and Ramblings

January 1st is a time of reflection on the past year as well as a time to resolve to make changes.

There's a few things that I want to do differently in the year 2010 and beyond.

I want to complete the 100 pushups workout. This is something that I think will be achievable by March.

I want to Blog more. Technically, this is something that I have accomplished with the simple exercise of writing this post! More specifically, I want to blog daily. There are a lot of things that go unwritten that I might find of relevance at a later date.

Recently, during a resident dinner, I found myself making two quite random non-sequitors on the subjects of urushiol and polydactyly -- subjects I fancied enough to blog about in the past. I found it quite striking that these topics bubbled up from my subconscious and became somewhat relevant!

One of my favorite interviews (at my favorite residency program) included a discussion on blogging. Indeed, said interviewer encouraged resident blogging as a way of reflecting on issues that came up!
There was a suggestion to ask yourself three questions:
So what?
Now what?

What: Subject of discussion
So What: WHY is this of importance to you (the writer) and me (the reader?)
Now What: Conclude with something of significance.

So there. I've come up with a new method for generating blogging content that hopefully will me more entertaining and engaging than recent posts (that have been so dry that I bored myself writing them) and hopefully I can find a way to blog more often.


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