December 05, 2014

Semi-Public Announcement: seeking pre-alpha comments on "Medics and Magics"

I posted on G+ under "Fantasy Writing/World Building" and cross-posted on reddit/rational tonight.

This represents my semi-public announcement for my hobbyist foray into fantasy writing in the style of free web fiction ala "Worm" or "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality."

The idea for my alt-blog has been a personal dream to unite all of my loves (science, medicine, and fantasy) into a coherent package that reflects my identity.  That is NOT to say that my characters will be an "author self-insert" or a "podium" to share my personal views on the world.  My main drive is to build a fun cool fantasy world that stimulates my imagination and pushes me to explore our world further in a rational, empirical fashion.

I recently discovered that Diane Duane has continued to publish books for her Young Wizards series that I read in elementary school with the first book: "So You Want to be a Wizard."  Duane comments that the more fantasy writers mix truth in with a lie, the stronger it gets.

'Tis my goal to strengthen Iatropia to a fun new level for fantasy fiction.  I'm trying to set myself up for success, so please check out the link above and comment!

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