May 27, 2006

Post Structure

Just a few more notes (mostly for my sake) before this blog fully gets going.

Each entry will follow a certain theme across the span of a week. This will keep the content cycling on a regular basis in a manner that I hope will keep things interesting and fresh. The subjects that I am mainly interested in discussing are:
  • Philosophy/Ethics
    • My ruminations on life, ethical inconsiderations and neigh-un-informed politics will fall under this category. I want to cultivate of a greater sense of my psychological and spiritual self and reflect on how this affects other people.
  • Education
    • I strongly believe that our society will succeed if we emphasize two things: healthcare and education. I will strive to teach and inform on medical matters in particular (with citations as necessary) to further these two objectives. This will range from mnemonics for med students to interesting trivia that everyone should know about their biological selves.
  • Technology
    • I am fascinated with the advances of science and I like knowing what is going on. I will try to find the most quirky inventions, the nifty gadgets that have transformed our healthcare system and promising new concepts.
  • News
    • I anticipate that I will be busy studying... a lot. In lieu of my own thoughts on days when I am preoccupied, I will link you up with news articles that I think are significant points of discussion.
  • MD Life
    • Funny anecdotes of my life in medical school, my shout-outs to fellow med bloggers and other such social "pimpnetworking" will go under this category.
  • Pre-Med
    • Just in case pre-meds stumble in here looking for guidance and advice, I will stuff my thoughts, tips and tricks in here.
  • Mnemonics (added 8/3/06)
    • I'll put up a few mnemonics a week to fill in the gaps in my own knowledge. Sounds like a lot of fun... but not many medblogs are doing this for some reason.

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