October 11, 2007

Midterms and Midnight

So I took my midterm on Tuesday.

I had a close friend come to visit from Japan and I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible before she left, so I had to really schedule my study time out in advance. I like having these sorts of "planned distractions" because they really make me focus.

Ok, you've got to quit fooling around and get to work! I tell myself. And it's a good thing too -- the midterm was challenging, but I felt prepared for it. There were only a few questions I was thrown by... and they were the "duh, you should know this already" type of questions. Talking with my fellow classmates, I got the sense that a lot of people were flooded with anxiety after the exam.

What, me worry? I did good enough. That's the WORST possible feeling to have after a midterm, I feel. In some ways, I should have studied less so I'd feel worse about the test and that would motivate me to study even HARDER for the final.

This brings up the pressing point of the night.
I slacked off yesterday. I decided to watch House on TV, take two naps and then go to sleep early.

Because of that ill-advised decision, I had to stay up until *checks watch* 4:15am today!!! It turns out that the limbic system is very confusing and difficult to understand. Hopefully I have a good enough grasp on it tomorrow to be able to present it in a clearer manner than I received it.

At least I have my motivation back. I also had some good lazy naptimes. Now it's back to business!

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