October 13, 2007

OLD AGE is bad for Gout

O besity & HTN
L ead poisoning --> saturnine gout (hits the knee preferentially)
D rugs (i.e. thiazides, furosemide, low dose ASA)
A ge
G enetics (partial HGPRT deficiency, etc.)
E tOH (beer > liquor > wine)
Gout is a disease of imbalanced production & excretion of a substance called uric acid.  Humans are unusual animals in that we do not break down our purine DNA metabolites beyond uric acid (into substances like allatoin.)  When uric acid accumulates in joints, it can spontaneously form into sharp needle-like crystals that cause inflammation and extreme pain, most commonly in the big toe (podagra.)
It can be avoided by reducing OLD AGE risk factors, especially through an appropriate diet of no alcohol and low-purine foods.  That means no beer, seafood or organ meats.


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