March 06, 2008

No, I can't do this all on my own...

I'm no.... I'm no Superman. doo doooo do dooo dooooo....

Scrubs is one of my favorite TV shows that I don't watch. It jumped around a lot and I always thought that JD was too silly, but in many ways, he's my role model. He takes sad and bad situations and turns them into funny and amusing situations and really, that's the whole point of Scrubs to me. It's a sitcom about serious topics like life and death.

Still, I don't like to watch it. Why? It's always served as a warning flag.

Last year, I discovered a website that hosted all of the previous episodes and started watching them from Season 1 onward. I'd typically watch 5-6 episodes a night in lieu of studying and it almost felt like an addiction. I felt down about the whole med school thing and for some irrational reason, I felt like no one at school really liked me. It was easier to just watch another episode than it was to crack the spine on one of my textbooks... it wasn't until I failed my Anatomy midterm that I snapped out of my funk and started studying again. Luckily, midterms just serve as a wake-up call and don't count for credit.

I fell into this pseudo-depression last week as I restarted Season 1 on DVD.

I saw it as a good opportunity to learn more about defense mechanisms. The show is chock-full of psychiatric issues! It was quite funny/dorky to watch My Heavy Meddle and think "Oooh! Dr. Cox is pissed off and he's using Displacement to vent his anger towards inanimate objects. Of course, J.D.'s main defense mechanism is humor (which is one of the mature mechanisms, but every time he flips into one of his extended fantasy, it seems whimsical and childish to me.) Almost all of the characters utilize altruism as well.

In My Old Man, Turk and Eliot's parents come to listen to a presentation and J.D.s dad decides to visit also... and they all regress back to childhood! :)

In my examination of the different characters, I realized that I was just intellectualizing the entire process to hide from my own anxiety and loneliness. That's always been my response to things and it's served me well -- it helps me understand things technically, but it comes at the cost of sacrificing my own emotions.

Dang. I can't handle these sorts of things on my own. Once again, the underlying wisdom of Scrubs saves the day, ironically and I stopped watching it to get back to the issues at hand.

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