March 03, 2008

woot! new blog format up.

A friend told me that she lost the link to my blog a while back and that's why she stopped commenting. A few new people stumbled upon my blog somehow and one of them even offered to interview me!

Wow, it's nice to have that sort of attention. :)

After two months of puttering around with some minor changes, I decided to clean house and unveil my new blog. ta da! It probably looks the same as always. Perhaps the most important change I made was a mental one.

I reviewed some of the questions on Y.S.'s blog. It made me think about my motivations for blogging and what I had hoped to gain from all of this extra work. My biggest reason for blogging was for self-reflection. To think about the things I've done and form opinions about them. Somewhat ironically, I picked the name "Not My Second Opinion" as if I had some outrageous and strong opinions about subjects, like the folks at MDOD. I'm actually quite conservative (not in the political way) and I'd hate to be caught in the middle of a flame-war.

Let me tell you about my biggest fear with this blog though. I was afraid that someday I would get hauled into the Office where an Administrator would pull out my blog and list the violations I made to their Honor code and the privacy violations I made to HIPAA. The infractions would be minor, like mentioning a neat fact I learned from a case on that particular day, except it gives away the diagnosis of the case. Since the first two years of JABSOM is based on these cases, it constitutes cheating to provide this information to students. Arrgghhh!

There's been a lot of times where I wanted to share some things, but decided against it, erring on the side of caution. I've been burned before.

Still, I'd like to throw back the curtains of anonymity. Hello World! My name is Clinton. I'm a second year med student currently going to JABSOM, Hawaii's medical school. I love it. It's a strong cooperative place and my classmates are the best friends a guy could have. I'd like to start sharing my experiences with you as I move into my Board studies and prepare for my third year of school... that exciting, sleepless time filled with great stories and interesting patients.

I'd like to begin blogging fearlessly and passionately once again. After all, it's personality, not really content that drives Blogs. Otherwise they'd just be called websites with regular updates.

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