July 19, 2008

PocketMod on the Wards

The PocketMod is a great way to stay organized while you're running around on the wards. It turns a piece of paper into a mini booklet that you can use to write down patient data. I use it to scribble down the Vital signs and daily information I need when I'm rounding on my patients in the morning. It's also good for writing key notes for the wards.

I have three or four different PocketMod booklets in my white coat right now:
1) Tips for the Wards (with sample admits, checklists)
2) Tips for OB/GYN (with the key parts of the SOAP for post-partum and post-op patients)
3-4) Patient logs (tracking data for the patients I've picked up that day.
* the first page always has the current date in the corner, the room # of my patients, their date of admission and other relevant quick tidbits
* each subsequent page has their patient care summary, Friedman's curve progress, daily vital signs, I/Os, H/H, Rh/Rub/GBS status, etc.

Since I've just finished with OB/GYN inpatient and I'm moving onto Psych, I'm in the process of making a new PocketMod with specific psych info. Since my Psych handbook is online, I'm toying with the idea of doing an e-version and posting it online as a sample.

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