August 10, 2006

Hm... blogging is hard!

Well, I started medical school recently. I've been busy studying and working on small group presentations. It is good that I've been learning a lot, getting to know my classmates, having a lot of fun in the sliver of summer break that everyone else still has left... but I haven't been devoting the sort time to this blog that I really wanted to. I intended to use this as a place of reflection on my experiences, to make sure that I maintain my balance -- to learn about ethical, philosophical and spiritual issues alongside the biological and clinical lessons that I am taught in school.

The thing is, ethical issues are HUGE. I feel like I don't give the time they really deserve if I poke in and comment on the few issues that crop up day by day.

Philosophical entries are monstrous as well. I love thinking about these things, but it is difficult to trim down my thoughts into a coherent essay -- a recreational essay at that -- and give it a solid opening and closing.

So, I'm going to change my focus a bit. My other goal of this blog, educating the public (read: you!) about health and social issues, has been much more successful. I think that the addition of the mnemonics section to my themes will give you new entries to check out on a daily basis. Mnemonics and news are just short little clips that I can pop out with next to no effort or thought.

Unfortunately, next-to-no-thought is not what I want this blog to be about. Weekends will give me the time to compose myself and write the better entries that I have been stewing in my mind that I have not had the time to write during the week.

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