August 20, 2006

Overwhelmed by False Information

It must be frightening and frustrating for people to be immersed in a world of Information, unable to process all of it. The answers are out there, for the most part -- its just a matter of knowing how to look for it and knowing who to trust. Homeopathy takes a holistic approach to medicine that utitlizes (or perhaps, capitalizes) on the fears of the patient -- "we are sick," they say, "and we want help." If an M.D. cannot provide the health and comfort that they desire, then they will turn to other sources for a cure. It might be a cure that offers nothing but support... and attention. Perhaps that is all they really want.

Another reason is related to our visceral belief, our need to feel that we are pure. That we are unflawed at birth. The truth of the matter is... we are not. We are creatures borne of error in the face of chaos, risking everything, day by day. We live to defy our own destruction -- and it scares us. Innate health, the belief that we can heal ourselves... to be truly dependent is a pleasing one. "Why take medication when our bodies makes the same things, the correct things?" I often ask myself. Medicine itself is a dynamic process, changing year by year as we increase our knowledge of the human body. Like the body itself, it comes with inherent limitations. We cannot conquer all boundaries, we must all face the same ending. Inevitability and uncertainty are our enemies. A doctor must be an ally in the process, not an antagonist. They must listen with humanity and empower their patients with confidence and acceptance. Confidence that modern medicine is doing it's best and acceptance that there can be nothing better. Snake-oil is pricy, especially for something that's actually nothing.

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