September 02, 2006

Four A's of Smoking Cessation

A sk
  • ID all tobacco users at every visit.
  • Determine exposure to environmental tobacco smoke at home/work.
  • ID patients with nicotine addiction.
A dvise
  • Provide a strong, clear and personalize message urging them to quit.
  • Review the benefits of quitting and risks of continuing.
  • Assess their willingness to quit.
A ssist
  • Have the patient develop a quit plan
    • Set a quit date
    • ID sources of support for cessation (family and friends)
    • Remove tobacco and other cues from the home and work environment
  • Provide counseling, informational materials and other behavioral interventions.
  • Recommend use of pharmacotherapy
    • SR bupropion
    • Nicotine gum
    • Nicotine inhaler
    • Nicotine nasal spray
    • Nicotine patch
A rrange
  • Provide a reminder on the quit date.
  • See patient shortly after the quit date to ensure success.
  • If unsuccessful, ID barriers and methods for their removal.

via the National Cancer Institute

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