January 29, 2009

About Me

I am a Gemini. Now that I've said that, I will do my best to backtrack and say that I do not put any faith into horoscopes (beyond simple self-selecting positive characteristics. In my case, I'm two-sided.)

I see-saw in my extrovert-introvert nature. I love being with people; they energize me. I'm also perfectly content going home and studying by myself day after day. Perhaps the realm of the inner-reflective self and the outwardly-social me are not mutually exclusive.

I used to be sarcastic, but now I've become too sensitive to speak with such caustic irony. I doubt I have the heart to use the barbed wit that I once wielded.

I sing like a mockingbird. I do well copying the songs with others, but I cannot hold my own in a solo.

I love biology. In it, we define ourselves and the living world around us. I think that nature has so many secrets to share with us if we just listen... but so many people get caught up with the insignificant factors in their lives that they get pulled right out of living.

My biggest fear is complacency. I do not want to become a part of the Combine.
My next biggest fear is failure. I hate it when I try hard to do something and I fail.
These two fears have driven me to "exceed" in a way very similar to ambition.

If you haven't caught on already, I'm analytical to the core.

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