January 16, 2009


to those of you who might have subscribed to my feed and have noticed the sudden influx of posts... from a blogger you thought was dead and gone... hello!

I'm going to do the awful thing of meta-blogging, a self-serving, useless and noisy post that amounts to nothing in the greater blogosphere. However, talking about relevant and poignant posts will be precisely my goal for this meta-blog entry.

First up on the point of news, I've moved to Maui for 5 months where I will be finishing up my third year of medical school. I completed 6 months of inpatient rotations on Oahu in Queens, Kapiolani and Kuakini hospital. As a member of the third-year longitudinal program, I have the distinct pleasure of getting to live on a neighbor island, get to know a community and precept in several clinics.

Second up on the point of news, my girlfriend broke up with me three weeks ago. It was difficult to spend time with her in the initial part of the third year and we both recognized how much harder things would get. Our paths converged for a wonderful 3 months and then a subsequent sometimes frustrating/content/puzzling 3 months... but now our paths have diverged. I'm trying to have the insight and wisdom not to dwell on it too much while taking the best of it, learning and moving on.

Both of these bits of news mean that I am now going to resume my devotions to blogging. I have kept up reading other blogs, but when it came to the creation of my own material, often the only things I found worthwhile preserving out in cyberspace were a list of mnemonics I found helpful on my journey to the MD.

I recently divulged my true name onto the site of this blog. Frankly, this idea terrified me. I had a lot of great lessons to share and stories to tell from my hospital experiences, but I didn't want to have a repeat of an experience like this; where my pseudonymity betrayed me. Hopefully the passage of time has colored these experiences and I can share some of the details without violating anyone's right to privacy or bad-mouthing any particular resident or attending. I will be scheduling many of my posts which should help with the release times (and in case any of my patients check out my blog, they would be hard pressed to recognize themselves or anyone they know in my stories.

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