May 31, 2007

PHASED up hyperthyroid

I've talked about the exopthalmos you see in Grave's disease before.

Here's a way to remember a few of the signs of Hyperthyroid!
PHASED up thyroid
Heat intolerance
Emotions/energy lvl/Eyes

Patients who have hyperthyroid might be noticed by their weird-looking appearance. They have bulging eyes, a strange lumpy neck and they are always anxious. This disease is usually caused by an autoimmune disease that attacks and activates the thyroid gland located in the neck. Increased levels of thyroxine (T4) and T3 hormone lead to a high energy state, which can cause weight loss, muscle weakness, and the increased basal metabolic rate makes them feel hot and sweaty.

I know someone who had this. She told me about her diagnosis and I looked up a few of the symptoms and asked her about them. I remember thinking that she did look a little bit weird, but I couldn't quite place my finger on it. In retrospect, she did have an enlarged thyroid, she was very thin and her eyes were a little bit buggy. Now that she has had treatment (not sure if it was selectively radioactive iodine or medication)... she looks a lot better. I'm sure she feels a lot better too.

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