May 30, 2007

Portable ePaper

I'm waiting for the day that they invent ePaper. I'd like to be able to take notes on something thats flexible and portable, something that I could read hundreds of books on with the flip of a page, that requires very little power, and it has wireless access to the internet.

I think that having a device like this would greatly improve my own speed and productivity and more importantly, it would be TOTALLY RAD. A lot of docs these days have palm pilots or Treo phones with mini keypads and stuff like that, but they are so tiny! I rarely use my palm pilot because it makes a highpitched electronic sound that gives me a headache.

My tutorial group was talking about our proposed electronic purchases yesterday. One girl was displeased with her old Treo. Someone else commented on about getting a tablet PC.

And then, I saw this today on Geekologie.
Holy cow, this laptop is thinner than a penny is wide! It's almost as thin as the new Razr phones! And it uses flash memory (the same stuff that comes on jumpdrives and in digicams) so the battery life is >12 hours.

Whoa. I can't wait to buy this, jewelry and purse-looking straps be damned! It is a sweet device.

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