September 26, 2007

Healer's Art Part 1

I signed up for an elective course this semester on "Healers Art." I was really excited about it because I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk about my feelings on medicine and hear what other peoples' thought. Unfortunately, I found out that I was one of two people who had signed up for the course, which dramatically changed the group dynamic idea I had in mind.

I attempted to start up an ethics club last year with the same idea in mind, but there was a similar lack of interest from my fellow classmates.

The course was created by Rachel Naomi Remen and uses her book, Kitchen Table Wisdom, as the text.

We had our first session last week and I really liked it. I'm glad that I had an outlet (with people, face to face, unlike here) with whom I could share my thoughts on medicine. We talked about:
IDing, strengthening & cultivating the human dimensions of the practice of medicine
Recognize the commonality of personal concerns among peers
Discovering and nurturing our Wholeness
It sounds like real Chicken Soup for the Soul type of stuff... and I guess it is. I'm taking it with an open mind.

We drew pictures about what we wanted to change about ourselves by the time we graduate from medical school. It was very open-ended, but I didn't want to get too personal with the thing that I want to change most about myself (which is an attitude shift of reacting to negative things with anger --> reacting w/ constructive actions.)

Here's my pic:

It's about stories. More on that later.

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