May 24, 2009

"Change Your Heart..."

The song lyrics in the montage at the end of Omega sounded very familiar and when I realized it was from "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," I got goosebumps. The core of the stories are the same (wiping the brain, but retaining the soul.)


The song gets looped over and over at the end when Joel and Clementine are at the beach throwing snow at each other... hinting that they are going in an endless loop too.


Just like Echo! We fight to find meaning in our existence and we struggle just like Echo to hold onto one lesson each day (or each episode) that will make us stronger and better. "I try to be my best" is the motto of the dolls. Naive, but even more misguided is Alpha -- his flaw is that he thinks he IS his best.

I love this episode sooo much! At first, I thought that this show was going to nothing but a flashy lovefest for Eliza but I've had a change of heart. It really does a great job at addressing a lot of issues of free will, identity, and righteousness not to mention aesthetics as well. (btw... I LOVE YOU ELIZA!!! lol)

[The preceding post is a re-entry that I wrote on the Hulu discussion boards after watching the season finale for Joss Whedon's show Dollhouse. If you like to ponder the ephemerality of memory, you admire the ease of programmability of Matrix i.e. "I know Kung Fu", and/or you think that Eliza Dushku is a hottie... you should watch too! :)]

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