May 16, 2009

Resonating Quotes

A series of quotes have dropped into my lap during my daily blogwanderings that I found striking for one reason or another. They reflect parts of my own philosophy and I am pleased to find kindred spirits. U.S. President John Adams:
"Children should be taught ambition, not for fame but for excellence."
I couldn't find the quote directly attributed to Adams, so it might be more of a summary.

The sentiment that exists is certainly applicable to my approach to life. The only person I really care to measure myself up against is the person I want to be.

hat tip to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin for the great "Family First" article in which I discovered the quote.

Picasso: All children are born artists. The trouble is, remaining an artist when you grow up.
Ken Robinson says something to this effect... in essence, school stamps out creativity. I feel like that from time to time in the fact-munching, patient-crunching churning Combine of an education I currently endure. Lately, I've discovered my refuge in the patients I see everyday. They spur me to be my best at every (precious) moment I have to spare with them.

I am a small piece of the universe observing itself.
I stumbled across the blog "Existence is Wonderful" after hearing the TED talk on creativity and the importance of diversity. Neurological diversity in all of its wonderful pathology is celebrated in the stand alone novel "This Alien Shore," by C.S. Friedman. The blog writer is autistic which only adds to the poetry of her review on the book.

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