May 27, 2009

Trauma Scenarios

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In a previous post, I talk about my first night on Trauma call (and the preceding training that was... traumatic for me. In which I receive a lecture from our clerkship director about how I need to be serious and more prepared before coming to class.)

My my, how far I've come since I've bumbled through my confusion on how to deal with tension pneumothoraces, flail chests and hemoperitoneums. At least, on paper.

In my current review for my upcoming surgery exam, I wanted some case scenarios on different aspects of trauma.

Simply googling "trauma scenarios" brings up the most excellent site: with "Moulage" scenarios in the following categories:
Initial Assessment - ABCDE of Primary Survey
Prehospital Care - Hop in a chopper and stabilize a pt en route to the trauma center
Cervical Spine Clearance - the supplemental info links are broken, so i figured out the right answers by trial and error.
Paediatric Moulage - this one was hard -- my volume resusc was always inadequate -- until i realized that the pt's age kept changing (and I needed to recalculate my pt's wt to compensate!) they use an older formula, BTW: ~age*3=est kg... the newer formula is age*3+7.
Neurotrauma Moulage - this was by far the hardest scenario. granted, i haven't done neuro (or Neuro ICU!) but after an hour of tweaking levophed, mannitol and RR, i think i've got the physiology figured out.
Trauma Team Leader Decision Scenarios - a nice summary.
Hope you find them as enjoyable and as useful as I did!


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